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Below a selection of examples of the use of pre-insulated pipes in the field of chemistry industry.

American chemicals group at Stade, Germany

For almost three decades, the American chemical group in Stade employed pre- insulated pipes provided by Jabitherm Rohrsysteme AG product range.
Numerous pipes in various nominal sizes carry chemicals of different compositions.
The step-resistant insulation and high thermal efficiency, leading to reduced pipe diameters compared to conventional technique, allows a higher number of pipe runs on pipe bridges. Two strong arguments endorsing use of RAPID pre-insulated pipe systems.
Preferably pre-insulated pipes were in- stalled on customer request, wearing an incorporated heat tracer system. A heating tape with self-limiting/ self-regulating characteristic.
Easy and quick installation at site. Just pulling the oval shaped tapes into equivalent small pipes on medium pipe surface. Guarantee for continuous and steady operation of warm-processing pipelines.

BASF Ludwigshafen, Antwerp, Schwarzheide

BASF operates many industrial complexes worldwide. The total length of their pipe systems which would run several times around the earth, means a tremendous maintenance effort. Therefore it is crucial that pipe installations require minimum maintenance. Since 1985 BASF has operated with pre-insulated pipe systems designed and manu-factured by Jabitherm following this low maintenance strategy. 
Meanwhile BASF has installed more than 300 km of Jabitherm products with various dimensions and designs. Over 200 completed projects with pre-insulated pipes transporting more than 50 different fluids shows the large adaptability of the pipe system. Medium pipes can be made of steel, stainless steel, polypropylene, glass fibre reinforced carbon plastic, Teflon®-PTFE and polyethylene for example. All fixings on pre-insulated pipes installed at sites of BASF were assembled on the outer pipe jacket. This approch eleminated apprx. 50.000 - 80.000 potential corrosion bridges on the medium pipe surface.  A huge advantage considering the maintenance savings. 

Neste OIL Oyj Finnland

Neste Oil Oyj operates their largest refinery in Porvoo, Finland. Jabitherm pre-insulated pipes have been used since 2005.   Many of those installations are safetyrelated fire exstinguishing systems. They needed to be trace heated due to enviromental conditions.  For this specific application the pre-insulated pipes series RAPID-ESP with a nominal width of 400mm were installed. Trace heated pre-insulated pipes are assembled at Jabitherm's factory with conduits for heating cable, skineffect systems or hot water operated systems. After the installation of pre-insulated pipes, heating cables or tape can be easily inserted and pulled through the conduits.
Heating cable runs of between 800 and 1000 m were realised without any cable joint at this refinery in Porvoo.

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